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               Our Vision

               Women creating and leading
               a more inclusive society.
                                                              4      From the Executive   April 2022
                                                                      Message from The Smith Family
               Our Mission                                    5      News briefs
               As a leading voice and valued support          6      Breaking the bias this
               network for women, VIEW actively
               raises awareness of, and participates                 International Women’s Day
               in, the work of The Smith Family.              8      The Smith Family celebrates 100 years

                                                              10      Other VIEW news
               Our Guiding Principles
               Inclusive and welcoming                        11     VIEW from Two
               Diverse and respecting
               Supportive and caring                          12     Around the Clubs
               Locally focused while nationally active
               Collaborative and future looking               14     VIEW in action!
                                                              15     VIEW merchandise


        VIEW is a national women’s organisation   NSW: Sally Cronberger, Lyn Gerstenberg,    For more information please visit
        with more than 14,000 members in close to   Cynthia GuyeneŠe, Judith Hemmingway,
        300 communities exclusively supporting the   Franci Morsink, Anne-Louise O’Connor,
        education charity The Smith Family.    Toni Thomas, Gloria Walter. VIC: Lyn Geer,    The contents of this magazine are
        Members sponsor students, volunteer,    Jennie Wynd                     subject to copyright.
        fundraise and advocate to improve the life                              All expressions of opinion and advice are not
        outcomes of disadvantaged Australian children   National Manager: Maryanne Maher  necessarily the official views of VIEW Clubs of
        and young people.                                                       Australia or The Smith Family. All information is
                                            Published by The Smith Family       published in good faith.
        As The Smith Family’s largest community   GPO BOX 10500, Sydney NSW 2001  VIEW Clubs of Australia and The Smith Family
        sponsor of Learning for Life students, VIEW   For more information about VIEW  accept no responsibility for any of the advice,
        supports the educational outcomes of more than   Tel: 1800 805 366 Fax: 02 9085 7294  opinions, representations or information
        1,500 disadvantaged children and young people.  Email:  contained in this publication.
        Through its connection with The Smith Family,                           ISSN 1444-3635
        VIEW is proud to enable beŠer futures for   The Smith Family provides disadvantaged   The Smith Family
        The Smith Family’s Centenary                                            ACN 000 030 179
         young Australians.
                                            Australian children with the tools and support to
                                            family and community with wrap-around support
        National President: Marg Woodhouse  thrive at school. This help extends to the child’s   ABN 28 000 030 179
        National Vice Presidents: Evelyn Berg and   essential to breaking the cycle of disadvantage.   Front cover: VIEW National President Marg
        International Women’s Day                                               Woodhouse and National Vice Presidents, Evelyn
                                            Helping a child to do well in their journey through
        Elizabeth Birch
        National Councillors: NSW: Brenda Caligeros,   school brings a lifetime reward for them and their   Berg and Elizabeth Birch with The Smith Family
        Sandra Jankovskis. QLD: Robyn Garad; Jean   family. Investing in a child’s education today will   CEO, Doug Taylor and Learning for Life student,
        Hobart VIEW Club Paint ‘N Sip                                           Priya at The Smith Family Centenary event at
                                            have a long-term impact that empowers them
        Jennings, Lorraine Thomson. SA: Joan Coleman,
                                                                                Admiralty House.
                                            into their working life.
        Pauline Glover. VIC: Bev Orgill
        Advisors (Past Senior Officers): ACT: June Weise.
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